Shilin Night Market

 May 12, 2018

On May 12, Peter and I welcomed his new coworker, Scott, to Taiwan with a traditional visit to Shilin Night Market. This four minute video compiles meals we ate, drinks we drank, games we played, and sights we saw at the market.

apartment tour

June 20, 2018

After living in Luzhu for six months, I decided it is time to share what it’s like living in a one-bedroom apartment in Taiwan. Enjoy clips of my neighborhood, roof-top laundry, stove-less kitchen, wet bath, and my balcony. Plus, there is some adorable footage of neighborhood pals (the lonely goat and fluffy dogs).

Taoyuan Agriculture Exposition

May 5, 2018

Following to the recommendations of co-workers, Peter and I traveled to Xinwu District to learn about Taoyuan’s agriculture.  This free event showcases the county’s agricultural developments – flowers, fishery, honey, tea, machinery, and much more!

Taoyuan Night Market

May 5, 2018

After a long afternoon at the Taoyuan Agriculture Festival, Peter and I stopped by the Taoyuan Night Market to get some classic Taiwanese snacks – stinky tofu, pig’s blood cake, and Durian! Watch us vaguely explain what it’s like eating these classic treats, and see what our county’s night market is like.

5 days in Hualien

April 4 – 8, 2018

For Tomb Sweeping Day, Peter and I set off to the southwestern city of Hualien. We spent the long holiday riding bikes, walking along the rocky beaches, hiking through Taroko Gorge, exploring city streets, and enjoying everything Hualien has to offer.

A Day Trip to Jiufen

 February 3, 2018

On a rainy and cold Saturday, Peter and I trekked to Jiufen, an old mining town close to the Northeastern coast of Taiwan. We walked through steep alleyways lined with red lanterns, ate peanut ice-cream, and spent a few hours in a warm, relaxing tea house.