Teaching is Hard

It's two weeks before finals, and it's unfortunate to admit my life feels like this cliche of a comic. K.C. Green Gunshow Comic "On Fire" Thinking, and now writing, the following sentence feels very 13-year-old Michelle who is unable to express deep emotions with eloquent words, but here it goes anyway. Teaching sucks. Dealing with …

Rainbow Village

December 7-9, we went to Taichung, Taiwan where Rainbow Village is located. This was a serious highlight in my Taiwan experience. The colors! The art! The sunshine!

Normal Days on Film

I want to say these rolls are nothing special, but that isn't completely true. They are honest pictures of more subtle days in Taiwan, from waterfalls, to making dinner, to my neighborhood, to my bedroom. To date, this is my favorite batch. Praktica BCA - Lomography 800 Ricoh 35 ZF - Kodak TriX 400